Commit 966d1535 authored by Alan Wood's avatar Alan Wood

Added mystorm config file install for Platformio

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......@@ -34,6 +34,11 @@ One day soon we are hoping that the develpment tools we need for myStorm SDK are
However, in order to ease that burden and our lazy documentation We suggest an easier way to get started is by using [Platformio] ( Platformio is aimed at embedded development and includes some package management command line tools and optional IDE. We are focused purely on the commadline part right now so may we suggest you right click over to platformIO and get that installed, we will wait for you before we carry on..
You will need to install the mystorm config file (mystorm.json) in th platformio config dir normally :
Inside the SDK repository (mystorm _SDK_ branch) you will find and SDK directory (we assume you have this locally now using git clone), cd into this in this and you will see a platforio.ini file. We won't bore you with how PlatformIO works with ini files, but you might want to take a peek (and check their documentation in your own time), you will see two sections. They call them environments but we are using them like builds of sorts. There is a section focused on building the FPGA side of the project (IceStorm) and a section focused on the STM32 build (*nucleo_l476rg). On the command line inside the SDK directory issue :
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