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      Write new variable to UTXO-DB info files · ac1a3db9
      Tom Zander authored
      Write a changesSincePruning integer which has the following effects;
      after a restart;
      * We will do a prune faster and/or more often for nodes that are not
        running very long stretches of time.
      * We will skip pruning files that don't need it.
      Context; pruning of the UTXO is throwing away already spent outputs
      that are still in our dirty files.
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      Make indexer subscribe to block updates · cec0c28b
      Tom Zander authored
      When an indexer is in-sync it will stop actively asking for
      new blocks, so the block updates (Hub saying they found a new block)
      will then allow the indexer to keep up-to-date
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      Make the indexer-cli and indexer interact well · 78219d5b
      Tom Zander authored
      This adds lots of little things;
      * Add GetTransaction API call
      * I refactored the GetBlock API a little to reuse code.
      * a new 'Version' API call for the hub
      * API for the logging manager, so we can set a default
        setup with just C++-APIs
      * various (usability) fixes in the FloweeServiceApplication
      * Binding to localhost attempts to bind to both IPv4 and v6
      * Print the actual transaction hex from indexer-cli (which really
        is just a testing app)
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      Remove obsolete method GetTransaction · 890ebf26
      Tom Zander authored
      It was a bad attempt of correctness and with Indexer it is ready to be
      The RPC methods now just look in the mempool.
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      Make indexer-cli have more suitable output · aea9c25c
      Tom Zander authored
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      Add a new app indexer-cli · 3e586791
      Tom Zander authored
      This is frankly just a testing application at the moment, but you
      can connect to a Indexer server and get the information out, so its
      at least useful.
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      Make usage of NetworkConnection::accept() clear · 6cc433c5
      Tom Zander authored
      I added some docs to bind() that handlers there should call
      Also made sure that when nobody accepts a connection it actually
      gets disconnected instead of just being ignored.
  7. 09 Apr, 2019 6 commits
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      Avoid exit without save · 76fdd25b
      Tom Zander authored
      Only throw at startup when SQL problems occur.
      When they occur later ask for a clean shutdown so we can allow other
      parts to shutdown cleanly.
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      Make indexer be a server too · 20694d4f
      Tom Zander authored
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      Document and refactor NetworkService · ccd66a49
      Tom Zander authored
      The main goal of this is to make sure that network services
      implementations don't reuse one bufferpool for all their remotes as that
      can cause threading issues.
      One bufferpool per remote is now made easy.
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      Cleanups and fixlets · 50b65d05
      Tom Zander authored
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      Fix misuse of std::sort API · 07f3a57f
      Tom Zander authored
      Its not clear from my reading of the docs, but the std::sort version
      that takes a struct actually makes a deep copy of the struct for each
      sort. Which means that this usage is a really bad idea if you were
      actually storing the data on this struct.
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      Upgrade HashStorage design phase2 · df83dc87
      Tom Zander authored
      Instead of merging a small list into a bigger and bigger list,
      write lots of small lists (20MB each or so) and then when we hit
      the wanted final size, merge all of those into one.
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