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Provide proper documentation to this method

parent d55c7bfe
......@@ -1314,9 +1314,20 @@ uint256 GetOutputsHash(const CTransaction &txTo)
} // anon namespace
// Signature hash returns a hash of a certain subset of the transaction's content
// allowing the private-key owner to sign that and proof he owns the public key and
// at the same time lock in all the content he signs.
* SignatureHash is a helper method to hash a certin subset of the /a txTo transactions content
* which is then used to pass to the signing function of a CKey private key, a process used to
* prove that he owns the public key and at the same time lock in all the content signed.
* As we sign each input separately, this method takes an \a nIn index to the input we intend to sign.
* \param scriptCode the script from the previous transaction, the one the input is trying to spend.
* \param txTo the transactoin that the input we sign is part of.
* \param nIn the input index
* \param amount the amount of satoshis that the input contains
* \param nHashType is a binary flags field indicating what kind of payment this is. See SIGHASH_SINGLE and others.
* \param flags a binary flags field indicating the state of the (bitcoin) macro system.
uint256 SignatureHash(const CScript& scriptCode, const CTransaction& txTo, unsigned int nIn, CAmount amount, int nHashType, uint32_t flags)
static const uint256 one(uint256S("0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001"));
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