Happy new release

This release adds some 80 commits, with git stats of 95 files changed, 6167 insertions and 529 deletions.

More importantly, this release adds a new library to Flowee that is focused on the peer-2-peer protocol and implements all the basics any app would need to be an SPV (Simplified Payment Verification (8)) client, such as a wallet.

Synchronized with this release the first beta release of a new wallet called, "Flowee Pay" is published with basic functionality to give an idea where this is going. We invite anyone to contribute with us to build the best open source Bitcoin Cash payment infrastructure there is.

Back to this release:
Bugfixes in the Hub and Indexer will help add stability to the suite and improvements in the NetworkManager library will be helpful for components like FloweeJS (released last week) and bitcore-proxy.

In the Hub added a new service which is available now on the flowee.org API. This service allows applications to register a transaction-ID they are interested in and get a push notification upon its entering the mempool and a second notification when it gets mined.

Direct downloads can be found on github