Mark release 2020.03.1

2020-03 release of Flowee main infrastructure apps

Support May upgrade, remove automake requirement

The main changes are in the Hub, it now supports the upcoming Bitcoin Cash protocol upgrade as scheduled for May 15h 2020.

This time the code wasn’t really imported from other peers as the code in ABC was very messy. For example the unit test for the new OP_REVERSEBYTES ran about 6 million iterations, mostly at random and it was really hard on the CPU to make sure it can do binary math.

The only other protocol-upgrade changes made in Flowee were for the sigCheck design which replaced sigops. commit.

There has been plenty of bugfixes and cleanups as well, one of the main notable items is the porting of the 3rd party libraries to use CMake. The direct effect is that for compilation the dependency on automake has been removed.