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  • 2020.06.2 protected   Minor deployment fixes
  • 2020.06.1 protected   New release
  • 2020.05.1 protected   Ready for 2020-11 HF
  • 2020.04.1 protected   Happy new release
    33c6758e · Add some API docs. ·
    Release 2020.04.1

    This release adds some 80 commits, with git stats of 95 files changed, 6167 insertions and 529 deletions.

    More importantly, this release adds a new library to Flowee that is focused on the peer-2-peer protocol and implements all the basics any app would need to be an SPV (Simplified Payment Verification (8)) client, such as a wallet.

    Synchronized with this release the first beta release of a new wallet called, "Flowee Pay" is published with basic functionality to give an idea where this is going. We invite anyone to contribute with us to build the best open source Bitcoin Cash payment infrastructure there is.

    Back to this release:
    Bugfixes in the Hub and Indexer will help add stability to the suite and improvements in the NetworkManager library will be helpful for components like FloweeJS (released last week) and bitcore-proxy.

    In the Hub added a new service which is available now on the flowee.org API. This service allows applications to register a transaction-ID they are interested in and get a push notification upon its entering the mempool and a second notification when it gets mined.

    Direct downloads can be found on github

  • 2020.03.3 protected
    21f51919 · Fix copy/paste issue ·
    Release 2020.03.3

    This release fixes a activation logic issue in relation to the latest Bitcoin Cash protocol upgrade.

    The result of this bug was that correct blocks were rejected and the hub would no longer follow the chain.

    After upgrade you likely have to run the following command to get back on-track;

    hub-cli reconsiderblock \
  • 2020.03.2 protected   Tag bugfix release 2020.03.2
    Release 2020.03.2

    In this release some bugs are fixed with regards to the new component Double Spend proofs which would in exceptional cases cause a restart of the hub.

  • 2020.03.1 protected   Mark release 2020.03.1
    dc95dae3 · new version ·
    Release 2020.03.1

    2020-03 release of Flowee main infrastructure apps

    Support May upgrade, remove automake requirement

    The main changes are in the Hub, it now supports the upcoming Bitcoin Cash protocol upgrade as scheduled for May 15h 2020.

    This time the code wasn’t really imported from other peers as the code in ABC was very messy. For example the unit test for the new OP_REVERSEBYTES ran about 6 million iterations, mostly at random and it was really hard on the CPU to make sure it can do binary math.

    The only other protocol-upgrade changes made in Flowee were for the sigCheck design which replaced sigops. commit.

    There has been plenty of bugfixes and cleanups as well, one of the main notable items is the porting of the 3rd party libraries to use CMake. The direct effect is that for compilation the dependency on automake has been removed.

  • 2020.02.1 protected   Version 2020.02
    dd37ec1d · release-branch ·
    Release 2020.02.1

    In this release we took a lot of time provide stability features both to the UTXO database as well as improve reliability of the Hub and Indexer which use this database.

    Flowee introduced some years ago a database specifically designed with TxId-keys and blockchain in mind. The unspent output database (UTXO-DB) is it's main usecase. The database is also used for the indexer to provide an index on TxIds and for the 'spent-output db' (practically the opposite of the unspent output db).

    Unique features of this database allow it to be substantially faster than competing databases, especially forheavy usage of multi-threading.

    The database is known as a append-only type which requires that every now and then it does a garbage collection run to keep fast and nimble. In this release the strategy on when to call a GC is made more responsive on actual need. This helps give the DB better memory-locality, and as a result, speed.

    This UTXO database also writes checkpoints which allows it to recover from data failure by simply starting from an older checkpoint and re-applying the blocks. The Hub now uses this feature much more heavily to benefit.

    This release also has its share of bugfixes and cleanups.