You can download precompiled binaries from the GitHub release page here.

What's new:

  • Bugfix: CA-signed SSL certificates were not being recognized properly.
    • CA-signed SSL certificates were not working as advertised previous to this release; now, they should work perfectly. Note that you need to give Fulcrum the full certificate chain, e.g. fullchain.pem if using CA-signed certificates.
    • Self-signed certificate functionality remains unchanged and works as before.
    • Fortunately, all the Fulcrum servers were using self-signed certificates so this bug affected nobody, but it's good that it was fixed.
    • Special thanks to @imaginaryusername for noticing this bug and reporting it, and helping to troubleshoot it.
  • New RPC Method: blockchain.utxo.get_info can be used to retrieve information (value, scripthash, confirmed_height) on an unspent output. This method can also be used as a quick test to see if a txo is spent or not. See the API docs for this new method here.
  • Updated the default server list seed file to contain a list of the latest, known-stable servers.