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## FOSSers Events for Vyvidh 2019 Vyvidh 2019 is here ! And FOSSers is conducting events !
dsdss After a long time, [FOSSers VAST](// is conducting events for Vidya's tech-fest Vyvidh !
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FOSSers has been in college for more than 10 years, but has been dormant. This year, we're excited to announce that we're back !
## CrypTux
CrypTux is an online treasure hunt competition.
Entry Fees : Free
Prize : Rs 1,000
Open to all students !
## Pirate Tux
Pirate Tux is a unique exciting offline treasure hunt. We're using **Geocaching**, **Qr** codes and our very own software to implement this.
There are various levels of crypto puzzles, quizes etc. You can use the internet and any other resources to solve it. You'll also get to discover various part of the college you've never been into !
Get to know more about FOSS & our college.
Entry Fees : 10 per team member. Any number of members can be in the team
Prize : Rs 2,000
Special Prizes for participants
## Wikigame
Find a way from one wiki page to a destination in the shortest time possible !
Entry : Free
Special Prizes
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