Note that app target is a prerequesite of testnet generation

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......@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ testnet: $(ERCOIN_CONFIG)/priv_validator.json $(ERCOIN_CONFIG)/config.toml.patch
$(ERCOIN_CONFIG)/genesis.json: $(ERCOIN_CONFIG)/genesis.json.custom
# We don’t put app as a dependency here because standard input is then eaten.
$(verbose) mkdir -p $(ERCOIN_CONFIG)
$(verbose) $(SHELL_ERL) -pa $(SHELL_PATHS) -noshell -eval\
......@@ -22,9 +22,10 @@ For support and other ephemeral discussions, see [the #ercoin IRC channel on irc
2. Install [Erlang]( (19 is the minimum version).
3. Install [libsodium]( (when using a package manager, you may need to install a separate package containing development files).
4. Clone the Ercoin’s repository and enter the created directory.
5. Generate a testnet (see below).
6. `make run`
7. In another window, run `tendermint node --home ~/.ercoin/`
5. `make app`
6. Generate a testnet (see below).
7. `make run`
8. In another window, run `tendermint node --home ~/.ercoin/`
### Generating a testnet
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