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......@@ -214,12 +214,12 @@ Initial amount of coins will be distributed proportionally to the associated amo
- 77 — `OP_PUSHDATA2`
- 78 — `OP_PUSHDATA4`
* length of the rest of the script — 1, 2 or 4 bytes, depending on the previous field.
* string “`Ercoin `” — 7 bytes.
* string “<code>Ercoin </code>” — 7 bytes.
* address — 32 bytes.
* length of the “locked until” field — 0 to 3, 1 byte. Use 0 unless the account is going to be locked.
* locked until — 0 to 3 bytes, depending on the previous field.
* intended validator public key — 32 bytes, present if the “locked until” field is greater than 0.
* signature of all the fields starting from “`Ercoin `”.
* signature of all the fields starting from “<code>Ercoin </code>”.
Transaction needs to be included in a BlackCoin block between height [] and []. All accounts participating in the initial distribution will be valid until block 16777215 (2²⁴ – 1). If an account has multiple associated outputs, then “locked until” and “intended validator public key” will be picked from the output with highest “locked until”, with order of inclusion used as a secondary method of comparison. Amount of ercoins will be proportional to the sum of blackcoins burnt in all outputs. The minimum required burnt amount per account is 10 BLK.
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