Commit 71d62300 authored by E. Frank Sandig's avatar E. Frank Sandig


parent 4a425f74
Simple dark theme for cairo-clock
Based on Plain, which was a square...
Based on Plain, which was just a dark square.
Unzip and copy to ~/.cairo-clock/themes/
Current version is 1.00 from 2016-11-08.
Tested with MacSlow's Cairo-Clock 0.3.4 in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, see folder "Screenshots".
E. Frank Sandig, 05.11.2016
E. Frank Sandig
Plain-circle: realease notes
1.00 - 8 Nov 2016
- Imported Theme `Plain`
- Changed drop shadow to circle with darker edge
- Add first screenshots
E. Frank Sandig
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