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Commit ebec27d5 authored by Elton (Eddie) Hartman's avatar Elton (Eddie) Hartman
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Problem 12 changed task limit to be based on the number of Logical Processors available.

parent 95d502ed
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ namespace ProjectEulerExercises.Problems
//I'd almost deem it unecessary if it weren't for the chance of tasks completing out of order since we're
// not guaranteed that the first answer is the correct one. You have to wait for the number of
// tasks in this limit to complete first.
const int TASK_NUMBER_LIMIT = 100;
static readonly int TASK_NUMBER_LIMIT = Environment.ProcessorCount * 4;
/// <summary>
/// Finds the first triangle number to have over n divisors.
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