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......@@ -32,21 +32,21 @@ git clone SynergyCallsAndroid
cd ~/Deploy/SynergyCallsAndroid/
ANDROID_HOME="/opt/android/android-sdk/" ./gradlew assembleDebug
ANDROID_HOME="/opt/android-sdk/" ./gradlew assembleDebug
* Install Synergy Calls APK-package on your Android device via adb;
cd ~/Deploy/SynergyCallsAndroid/
/opt/android/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools/adb install -r synergy/build/outputs/apk/synergy-debug.apk
/opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb install -r synergy/build/outputs/apk/synergy-debug.apk
* Check all the necessary permissions;
* Check the all necessary permissions;
* Run and enjoy!
You can also import this project in your favorite IDE: Eclipse or Android Studio and build the APK-package by using these programs.
You can also open this project in Android Studio IDE and build the APK-package by using this program.
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