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Adamant Armor Affection Adventure
Adamant Armor Affection Adventure by quasist and Don Miguel is a 3D stealth-action platform game participated in the [RIOT Tag-Team Coding Competition]( event in 2011 and took the second place. It was originally released on the gaming console GP2X Caanoo and GP2X Wiz, and later ported to Pandora and GCW Zero.
![Adamant Armor Affection Adventure running on Motorola Droid 2](
This is my port of Adamant Armor Affection Adventure to Android OS with using SDL2 and SDL2_mixer libraries and rendering the videocontext of the game with using OpenGL ES. I added simple touch controls and some other improvements to the game engine.
![Adamant Armor Affection Adventure Android Screen 1](
![Adamant Armor Affection Adventure Android Screen 2](
![Adamant Armor Affection Adventure Android Screen 3](
[Adamant Armor Affection Adventure port on Motorola Photon Q video on YouTube](
## Build instructions
For example, GNU/Linux:
* Install the latest [Android SDK]( and [Android NDK](;
* Clone repository into deploy directory;
cd ~/Deploy/
git clone AdamantArmorAffectionAdventureAndroid
* Edit "" file and set the installed Android API SDK version here, for example:
# Project target.
* Build the APK-package into deploy directory;
cd ~/Deploy/AdamantArmorAffectionAdventureAndroid/
/opt/android/android-sdk-linux/tools/android update project -n AdamantArmorAffectionAdventure -p .
/opt/android/android-ndk-r10d/ndk-build V=1
/opt/android/apache-ant-1.9.4/bin/ant debug
* Install AdamantArmorAffectionAdventure APK-package on your Android device via adb;
cd ~/Deploy/AdamantArmorAffectionAdventureAndroid/
/opt/android/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools/adb install -r bin/AdamantArmorAffectionAdventure-debug.apk
* Run and enjoy!
You can also import this project in your favorite IDE: Eclipse or Android Studio and build the APK-package by using these programs.
## More information
Please read [Porting Guide (In Russian)]( for more info about porting AdamantArmorAffectionAdventure to Android OS.
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