Verified Commit 9c295c9b authored by Isaak I. Aleksandrov's avatar Isaak I. Aleksandrov
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NVIDIA: add patch to work around the new taint-inheritance functionality

The nvidia_uvm module will fail to load as it currently stands. By marking
the module as GPL licensed instead, it's possible to temporarily work
around this issue.
parent e304261d
diff --git a/kernel/nvidia-modeset/nvidia-modeset-linux.c b/kernel/nvidia-modeset/nvidia-modeset-linux.c
index ffbbeb9..60c9787 100644
--- a/kernel/nvidia-modeset/nvidia-modeset-linux.c
+++ b/kernel/nvidia-modeset/nvidia-modeset-linux.c
@@ -1401,11 +1401,11 @@ restart:
#if defined(MODULE_LICENSE)
#if defined(MODULE_INFO)
MODULE_INFO(supported, "external");
#if defined(MODULE_VERSION)
diff --git a/kernel/nvidia/nv-frontend.c b/kernel/nvidia/nv-frontend.c
index 45d91b3..244a7a8 100644
--- a/kernel/nvidia/nv-frontend.c
+++ b/kernel/nvidia/nv-frontend.c
@@ -13,11 +13,11 @@
#include "nv-linux.h"
#include "nv-reg.h"
#include "nv-frontend.h"
#if defined(MODULE_LICENSE)
#if defined(MODULE_INFO)
MODULE_INFO(supported, "external");
#if defined(MODULE_VERSION)
  • I might've intended to do some general cleanup...and ended up deleting the repo... Don't mind it, kthx.

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