Commit 9756001c authored by Nikhil Dubbaka's avatar Nikhil Dubbaka

Updating GitLab CI file for fixing browser size.

parent 5906cfbb
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......@@ -8,9 +8,8 @@ drulenium:
# Install git, the php image doesn't have it installed
# jq for parsing JSON
- apt-get update -yqq
- apt-get install git jq -yqq
- apt-get install wget default-jre -yqq
- apt-get install default-jre -yqq # Immediately after apt-get update to avoid E: Failed to fetch
- apt-get install git wget -yqq
# Installing firefox browser
- apt-get install xvfb iceweasel unzip -yqq
......@@ -45,12 +44,12 @@ drulenium:
- drush site-install minimal --db-url=$DB_URL --site-name=Drulenium --account-name=admin --account-pass=admin --yes
# Start server
- drush runserver --server=builtin 8080 > /dev/null 2>&1 &
- drush dl drulenium-7.x-2.x-dev -y
- drush dl drulenium -y
- drush en libraries -y
- drush en drulenium drulenium_local_selenium drulenium_hosting_client -y
- drush vr-download-webdriver
- drush vset --yes drulenium_vr_config_server_opt 'drulenium_local_selenium'
- drush vset --yes drulenium_vr_config_image_server_opt 'local'
- drush vset --yes drulenium_vr_config_image_server_opt 'drulenium_local_selenium'
- drush vset --yes drulenium_vr_release_imagemagick_path '/usr/bin'
- drush vset --yes drulenium_vr_release_selenium_browser_width $BROWSER_WIDTH
- drush vset --yes drulenium_vr_release_selenium_browser_height $BROWSER_HEIGHT
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