Commit d90e347b authored by Matt Glaman's avatar Matt Glaman

Issue #2393519: Show breadcrumbs on account/profile pages

parent 962c15fe
......@@ -213,4 +213,20 @@ class FeatureContext extends RawDrupalContext implements SnippetAcceptingContext
public function iWaitForSeconds($arg1) {
* @AfterScenario @variables
public function afterScenarioVariableCleanUp(\Behat\Behat\Hook\Scope\AfterScenarioScope $scope) {
// Clean up variables after each scenario tagged @variable.
* @Given user breadcrumbs are enabled
public function userBreadcrumbsAreEnabled() {
variable_set('commerce_kickstart_user_breadcrumbs', TRUE);
......@@ -52,3 +52,11 @@ Feature: Login Commerce Kickstart
| Update email/password |
| Connections |
| Order history |
But I should not see an "#breadcrumb" element
@api @variables
Scenario: Login with user breadcrumbs enabled
When I am logged in as a user with the "administrator" role
And user breadcrumbs are enabled
And I go to "/user"
Then I should see an "#breadcrumb" element
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