Commit 89710137 authored by Gerhard Stein's avatar Gerhard Stein Committed by Gerhard Stein

Version update

parent 2859eb57
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ string(REGEX REPLACE "[\r\n]" "" CG_VERSION "${CG_VERSION}")
# Since shell script get_version is not processed properly on windows, we have to define manually here.
# TODO: Better system for defining the version
set(CG_VERSION "2.0.8")
set(CG_VERSION "2.2.0")
# Generate the README file with the correct version string
- Cleaned Repository
- More unified Menu for both Galaxy and Vorticon games
- Faster Builds
- Many bug fixes
- Player selection in Keen 4 Plus. Play as Lindsey, Council or Kyle
- Different character in Multiplayer mode
- Added support for Mod, Midi and FLAC
- Improved virtual gamepad for mobile version yet to come
- Load Bitmap fixes
- Sprite selection screen when Single player mode (Galaxy)
- Sprite Refinements (Galaxy)
- lots of tidy ups in the menu code. Now a very unified menu is used
for both vorticon and galaxy keen. This reduced the code by many previously copied
- More python support. First mod using no Exe file uses python scripts
for the engine, MoMGalaxy. Now it has some more features more to the original
Keen and less glitches.
- More cleanups, improved audio volume management.
......@@ -6,10 +35,12 @@ v2.0.7:
- More Audio fixes, cleaned up code, less crashes
- Full integration of SDL_mixer, IMF fixes. Now it sounds a bit better.
- Audio Code cleanups
- Improve CMake scripts
- Fixed some crashes
#ifndef CG__VERSION_H
#define CG__VERSION_H
#define CGVERSION "2.0.8-Release"
#define CGVERSION "2.2.0-Release"
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