Commit 80e12aed authored by Gerhard Stein's avatar Gerhard Stein

Automated debian/ppa way to build CG for Ubuntu

parent 4cfc509d
echo "Preparing assets for directory..."
# Be careful, not everything can be copied!
mkdir -p ${DST}
cp -r CMake ${DST}
cp -r debian ${DST}
cp -r docs ${DST}
cp -r lib ${DST}
cp -r share ${DST}
cp -r src ${DST}
cp -r tools ${DST}
cp -r vfsroot ${DST}
cp -r share ${DST}
cp *.* ${DST}
# Build it the debian way
cd ${DST}
debuild -S -k${KEY}
debuild -us -uc
#dput ppa:gerstrong/cgenius commandergenius_${VERSION}ppa1_source.changes
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