Commit 62b47d97 authored by Gerhard Stein's avatar Gerhard Stein

Version and Changelog update

parent 4c393654
Commander Genius Release :
v0.4.0 Beta3: (Alpha as of Beta 1 and 2 changes are put here also)
- Menus con now be controlled by the mouse and behave like Window Frames
- Galaxy engine has also much better menus
- Engine got some changes which make it more stable
- Galaxy got save and load game feature
- New Launcher Menu
- New video rendering engine
- Improved handheld support
- Improved AIs in Galaxy engine
- New Galaxy AIs
- fixed about 30 bugs
v0.3.8 Alpha:
- Resizable Windows and playable at any resolution
......@@ -20,9 +33,9 @@ v0.3.5:
- Slugs are smarter and can kill now
- Keen can get and use diving suit
- Miragia now plays correctly on map
- Keen bnow dies correctly and a selection dialog is shown
- Keen can get and use the diving suit
- Miragia now behaves correctly on map
- Keen now dies correctly and a selection dialog is shown
#ifndef __CG__VERSION_H__
#define __CG__VERSION_H__
#define CGVERSION "0.4.0-Beta2"
#define CGVERSION "0.4.0-Beta3"
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