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"projects": {
"default": "eminent-citadel-106312"
# Logs
# Firebase cache
# Firebase config
# Uncomment this if you'd like others to create their own Firebase project.
# For a team working on the same Firebase project(s), it is recommended to leave
# it commented so all members can deploy to the same project(s) in .firebaserc.
# .firebaserc
# Runtime data
# Directory for instrumented libs generated by jscoverage/JSCover
# Coverage directory used by tools like istanbul
# nyc test coverage
# Grunt intermediate storage (
# Bower dependency directory (
# node-waf configuration
# Compiled binary addons (
# Dependency directories
# Optional npm cache directory
# Optional eslint cache
# Optional REPL history
# Output of 'npm pack'
# Yarn Integrity file
# dotenv environment variables file
# .vscode directory
# public directory
title = "DevOsmium"
# Add an trailing slash to ensure that all fonts render correctly.
baseURL = ""
theme = "bilberry-hugo-theme"
enableRobotsTXT = false
# Change to one of your content languages definded at the end.
DefaultContentLanguage = "en"
# Enable / Disable Google Analytics statistics for your site
googleAnalytics = ""
# Enable / Disable comments on the articles via Disqus.
disqusShortname = "devosmium"
# Favicon for the browser's favorites and tabs
favicon = "images/favicon.ico" # set a favicon icon
# Custom CSS / JS modules that will be imported by the template.
# Files are relative to the static/ directory or a URL.
# Files are imported in the order they appear here, after
# theme.css and theme.js, respectively.
css_modules = []
js_modules = []
# Description and meta data for the search engines
author = "Dev-Osmium"
description = "Rants, Docs, and more! Everything for all my projects can be found here, with changelogs and rants about today's top tech issues found in the blog!"
keywords = "blog,personal,responsive,search,font awesome,pages,posts,multilingual,highlight.js,syntax highlighting,premium,shortcuts"
# How many articles should be displayed at once?
paginate = 7
# Enable / Disable MathJax
enable_mathjax = false
# Enable / Disable algolia search
algolia_search = true
algolia_appId = "Y2C4RWMPXW"
algolia_apiKey = "50ea7f8c41c0ad233926e0be2b769ed1"
algolia_indexName = "default-content"
# Set this option to false if you want to search within all articles in all languages at once
algolia_currentLanguageOnly = true
# Style configuration
# set the width of your site's content
siteWidth = "800px"
# let hugo automatically resize and crop your images to the correct sizes
resizeImages = true
# Header configuration
# your subtitle if you want to use any
subtitle = "Rants and Docs and Stuff"
# if you want to use gravatar for the header image
gravatarEMail = ""
# set an path to the image file you want to use | overwrites gravatar
customImage = ""
# define the icon you want to use for the overlay for the customImage or gravatar.
overlayIcon = "fa-home"
# always display the top navigation (with pages and search) on non-mobile screens
permanentTopNav = false
# show a language chooser in the header
showHeaderLanguageChooser = true
# Content configuration
# Enable an optional pinned page to display at the top of the index
# pinnedPost = "/content/github/"
# Set to true to pin only to the first page, false to all pages
# pinOnlyToFirstPage = true
# enable automatical localization of the article's PublishedDate with momentjs
enableMomentJs = true
# customize the date format | only works if momentjs is disabled | only works with English month names
# you can customize it with the options you find here:
dateFormat = "2006-01-02"
# display the estimated reading time for an article
showReadingTime = false
# Footer configuration
showFooter = true
# How many articles should be displayed at latest posts in the footer?
# Set to -1 to hide the 'Latest Posts' column
amountLatestPostsInFooter = 7
# How many categories should be displayed in the footer section?
# Set to -1 to hide the 'Categories' column
amountCategoriesInFooter = 7
# show a language chooser in the header
showFooterLanguageChooser = true
# social media profile urls for the footer links
showSocialMedia = true
facebook = ""
twitter = ""
googleplus = ""
pinterest = ""
instagram = ""
tumblr = ""
youtube = ""
vimeo = ""
github = ""
xing = ""
linkedin = ""
# credits line configuration
copyrightBy = "by DevOsmium"
copyrightUseCurrentYear = true # set to true to always display the current year in the copyright
copyrightYearOverride = "2017"
copyrightUrl = ""
creditsText = "Bilberry Hugo Theme"
creditsUrl = ""
# customize your available languages for your multi-langual site
# or delete the [Languages] blog to use the theme with only one supported language
# don't change anything below
author = "author"
tag = "tags"
category = "categories"
home = [ "HTML", "JSON", "RSS" ]
page = [ "HTML" ]
title: "Downtime Explanation"
date: 2018-02-26T13:41:02-04:00
draft: false
categories: ["update"]
tags: []
author: "DevOsmium"
# What Happened
At around 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, February 26th, 2018, all services hosted on []( became inaccessible for around two hours.
# Why did it happen?
As far as I can tell, Windows shut down to conduct mandatory system updates and did not start up again.
# How am I fixing it?
I'm moving back to Ubuntu 16.04, which I really shouldn't have moved away from. This upgrade will be conducted within the day, at which time this issue shouldn't happen again.
title: "Finchriolib"
date: 2018-02-26T13:44:55-04:00
draft: false
categories: []
tags: []
author: ""
# Background
I was digging through my robotics closet a few weeks ago, and I found this box. In it, there was a small white robot and a very long USB cable. I did some digging, and it turns out that this little robot is called a [Finch](, and it's specifically designed for computer science education. Now then, I thought, this would be a *great* way for people to learn how to program the *actual* competition robot. So now, my latest project is converting the standard Finch library into a simulation of the [RoboRIO](, and more specifically WPILib, used by FRC teams.
# How to do it?
WPILib is a massive, complex library that includes tools and support for sensors far outside of the Finch's capacity, so first I need to specify exactly which sensors and motor control systems I'm going to support. That should be easy, as all I have to do is compare the Finch's sensor suite with the WPILib supported suite. Once that is done, I will need to look at how WPILib controls the sensors I want to control, as I want to have this new library get as close as possible to the real thing.
# GitHub Link
As always, here is the GitHub link to the repository I have set up to hold all the source files.
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title: "HakkardMUSH"
date: 2018-10-25T13:49:39-04:00
draft: false
categories: ["announcement"]
tags: []
author: "DevOsmium"
Hakkard is something that I've been working on for a while. It started life as a Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, which can still be found [here]( But then, I thought to myself, it's not as much fun if the true Hakkard experience, which can only be received by the creator, is only available to a select few people who know me in real life. Why don't I make a *playable* version of Hakkard online, where anyone can come and enjoy it the way I do? That's why I'm here today, to announce the **extreme** early alpha of Hakkard!
## But what's an MU*?
In short, an MU* is a text-based, online RPG that formed the foundations of modern MMORPGs.
The long form of it is found on [Wikipedia](
## How do I connect?
It's very simple! Go to our subdomain []( and click the big "Play Online" button at the top! All the information is right there ready for you.
title: "Inaugural Post"
date: 2018-02-25T13:21:10-04:00
draft: false
categories: []
tags: []
author: "DevOsmium"
# Purpose
Well, let's be honest. I never expected to lose my nice WordPress site to a failed backup and restore. But hey! here I am, with a new ~~Jekyll~~ Hugo
site, ready for action. The new content is better than ever, with some nice new tricks up its sleeve, but it's still basically the same site
as the *old*, just with a new front cover and a more powerful templating engine behind it. Plus, I don't need to worry about
losing all my posts/pages to a database malfunction, so that's a bonus.
title: "New Site"
date: 2018-10-25T19:07:01-04:00
draft: true
categories: ["announcement"]
tags: []
author: "DevOsmium"
Hey guys, you may have noticed the new CSS and layout. This is because I have now moved away from Jekyll to Hugo, which is, (at least in my opinion), so much better than jekyll. It's on package managers, which makes it easier to install. It runs and builds a lot faster, and it looks far cleaner than the old site. I'm not going to go into much detail, but the new repo is here:
\ No newline at end of file
title: "About"
date: 2017-11-01T13:18:45+01:00
excludeFromTopNav: false
showDate: false
# Who I am
I'm a high school student who loves programming in whatever language I can get my hands on, as well as revitalizing old computers to work again, like the server this site is running on.
# What I do
I love creating and maintaining secure communication systems, as well as systems that help with the communication frameworks (such as Discord bots.) I also love getting my voice heard, hence the Rants post category. A lot of those rants are political diatribes about current tech events, such as the looming threat of an actual Net Neutrality repeal.
title: "Kneelbeforemythrone"
date: 2018-10-25T14:12:22-04:00
draft: true
categories: []
tags: []
author: "Unknown"
*You kneel before my throne unaware it was born of lies.*
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"hosting": {
"public": "public",
"ignore": [
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$(document).ready(function() {
$(".toggler").click(function () {
$("#search").autocomplete("val", "");
$(document).keyup(function (e) {
if (e.keyCode === 27) {
if ( ! $("nav").hasClass('permanentTopNav') )
$("#search").autocomplete("val", "");
else if (e.keyCode === 83){
if ( ! $("nav").hasClass('permanentTopNav') )
animation: "slide",
prevText: "",
nextText: "",
pauseOnHover: true,
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