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## Version 3.6.2
* BUGFIX: Make /clock/time/set timezone aware.
## Version 3.6.1
* BUGFIX: /clock/time/set OSC command and busybox date command.
## Version 3.6.0
* Adds /clock/time/set osc command for setting system time, see for details
## Version 3.5.1
* BUFIX: build issue on 3.5.0
## Version 3.5.0
* OSC commands for hiding/showing the numerical seconds field
* /clock/seconds/off - hides the second display
* /clock/seconds/on - shows the second display
* Add --debug command line parameter to enable verbose logging
## Version 3.4.1
* Greatly reduced the amount of logging that gets printed on the console. This caused slowdowns on raspberry pi
## Version 3.4.0
* Automatically rescan network interfaces and addresses every 5 seconds
* This removes the race condition with dhcp lease on startup
* Now if feedback address is the feedback is sent to broadcast on all configured ipv4 interfaces
* Added --disable-feedback command line switch
* This disables the osc feedback but the clock will still listen for osc commands
## Version 3.3.0
* Add --disable-osc command line parameter
## Version 3.2.0
* Implemented resolution scaling.
* This adds support for the official raspberry pi 7" display
* Fixes to the 192x192 small mode
## Version 3.1.1rc1
* CI environment now builds raspberry pi sd card images
## Version 3.1.0
* Clock now shows its version number before acquiring the correct time
## Version 3.0.2
* BUGIX: "tally" text formatting for /qmsk/clock/count osc messages
## Version 3.0.1
* Implement CI environment for testing and automated builds
## Version 3.0.0
* Breaking change to OSC feedback, clocks now send paused/running state
* Countdowns can now be paused and resumed with /clock/pause and /clock/resume
## Version 2.1.0
* Disable flashing when countdown reaches zero with --flash=0 parameter
* Print version to console when started
## Version 2.0.0
* Added countdown and count up timer modes
* Added OSC commands for timers
* Added OSC feedback of clock mode and display date
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