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URLs to automatically built binaries

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......@@ -14,18 +14,17 @@ You can build the clock binary with `go get
### Precompiled binaries
* Latest from git master: [sdl-clock](
* Version 3.0.0: (Needs companion module version 3.0.0 or later)
* Tagged releases:
* SD-card images for raspberry pi:
* Images with `no_login` in filename are secure without login password
* Images with `clockworkadmin` have root login enabled with password `clockworkadmin`. They should be considered insecure.
### Ready made raspberry pi images (version 2.1.0)
### Ready made raspberry pi images
The images support raspberry pi 2B / 3B / 3B+ boards. They need at least 64Mb SD-cards. Write them to the card like any other raspberry pi sd-card image.
The image tries to get a dhcp address on wired ethernet and also brings up a virtual interface eth0:1 with static ip (default with netmask). Is a image with root logins (ssh and local) enabled. The root password is `clockworkadmin`. Since this image uses a known hard coded password it should be for testing only and considered insecure. This image has root logins disabled and is secure for production use.
#### Customizing the images
You can place the following files on the sd-card FAT partition to customize the installation:
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