Commit 7934f872 authored by David Votrubec's avatar David Votrubec

Added new example file

parent 6553fb76
"use strict";
var spawn = require('./04-spawn-function');
// Example of yeilding to another generator
function* caller() {
yield 1;
yield 2;
// no need to manually call .next() etc
const a = yield* callee();
console.log(`variable a from callee() is ${a}`);
yield 5;
function* callee() {
yield 3;
yield 4;
return 'A from Callee';
// Each generator instance is also an iterator, so we can run for...of loop
for (var v of caller()){
// Outputs this into console.log
// 1
// 2
// 3
// 4
// variable a from callee() is A from Callee
// 5
// Outputs this into console.log
// variable a from callee() is A from Callee
\ No newline at end of file
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