Commit dc1f6fe8 authored by Christian Henz's avatar Christian Henz

Fix for "make uninstall"

Only delete udev/completion files if their paths where actually
determined - eg if COMPLETIONS_DIR could not be determined, dont try
to delete "$(DESTDIR)/minipro".
parent 52786b1c
......@@ -67,8 +67,8 @@ uninstall:
rm -f $(MAN_INSTDIR)/minipro.1
rm -f $(UDEV_RULES_INSTDIR)/80-minipro.rules
rm -f $(COMPLETIONS_INSTDIR)/minipro
if [ -n "$(UDEV_DIR)" ]; then rm -f $(UDEV_RULES_INSTDIR)/80-minipro.rules; fi
if [ -n "$(COMPLETIONS_DIR)" ]; then rm -f $(COMPLETIONS_INSTDIR)/minipro; fi
dist: distclean
mkdir $(DIST_DIR)
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