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document how to build RPM packages

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......@@ -95,6 +95,31 @@ You should then have a .deb package for you to install with `dpkg -i`.
Note that the .deb package will already provide the udev and
bash-completion configurations for you.
### Making a .rpm package
You can build RPM packages for Fedora and CentOS with the supplied
First make sure you have a RPM build environment set up. You need to have
the rpmdevtools package installed and a `rpmbuild` directory tree within
your homedir. Use the `rpmdev-setuptree` command to create the rpmbuild
directory tree if it does not exist yet.
Since minipro does not yet make official releases with version numbers
and tags, you have to choose a specific git commit to build. Open the
minipro.spec file and adapt the "commit" and "commitdate" definitions.
You can get these either with `git log` or from the github project page.
Then use these commands to download the source tarballs from github and
build the package:
spectool -g -R minipro.spec
rpmbuild -ba minipro.spec
The final RPMs can be found below `~/rpmbuild/RPMS/`
## Installation on macOS
Install `libusb` using brew or MacPorts:
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