Commit 0ad5a2a0 authored by Christian Henz's avatar Christian Henz

Renamed Debian udev rules file

parent 26384336
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ sudo make install
you'll have to configure udev to recognize the programmer and set
appropriate access permissions:
sudo cp udev/rules.d/80-minipro.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
sudo cp udev/debian/60-minipro.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
sudo udevadm trigger
You'll also have to add your regular user to the `plugdev` system
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ override_dh_auto_install:
cp udev/rules.d/80-minipro.rules debian/minipro.udev
cp udev/debian/60-minipro.rules debian/minipro.udev
rm -f debian/minipro.udev
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