Commit ddc112ec authored by David Griffith's avatar David Griffith

Aborting playback isn't going to work.

parent f469fb13
......@@ -558,27 +558,6 @@ void eeprom_playback(uint8_t key)
tone_mode = mem[0];
for (i = 1; i < EEPROM_CHUNK_SIZE; i++) {
* This block of code is supposed to wait for the key to be released
* and then the next time a key is pressed, abort playback.
* However... It only works once after the bluebox is powered up and
* shifted into playback mode. Subsequent playbacks are not aborted.
* Also, if a key other than 2600 is pressed in normal mode prior to
* shifting into playback mode, playback are not aborted. So, there
* seems to be something that happens to the state of the AVR when a
* non-2600 tone is played that makes last_key always FALSE in this
* function.
last_key = getkey();
if (last_key == KEY_NOTHING) keys_up = TRUE;
if (keys_up && last_key) {
last_key = KEY_NOTHING;
keys_up = FALSE;
break; /* Abort playback between tones. */
if (mem[i] == 0xff) break;
process_key(mem[i], TRUE);
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