Commit c60f6fc6 authored by David Griffith's avatar David Griffith

Clarify main loop and remove superfluous buffer initialization.

parent 7b6c27d0
......@@ -413,15 +413,24 @@ int main(void)
while (key == getkey()); // Wait for release
/* Main Loop */
/* Main Loop
* Get the next keystroke.
* The 2600 key in a 13-key device always plays 2600Hz no matter if
* we're in normal or playback modes.
* If we're in playback mode, play the sequence corresponding to
* that key.
* Otherwise, play the tone for that key.
* Then check to see if the key is being held down for saving
* sequences or toggling between normal and playback modes.
while (TRUE) {
do { /* Get the next keystroke. */
key = getkey();
} while (key == KEY_NOTHING);
do { key = getkey(); }
while (key == KEY_NOTHING);
// FIXME WTF is going on in this block???
if (playback_mode) {
if (key == KEY_SEIZE)
process_key(key, FALSE);
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