Commit 8aa6b541 authored by David Griffith's avatar David Griffith

I don't like the space in these casts.

parent bd7efca6
......@@ -443,8 +443,8 @@ int main(void)
if (startup_set) {
play(75, 1700, 1700);
eeprom_update_byte(( uint8_t *)EEPROM_STARTUP_TONE_MODE, tone_mode);
eeprom_update_byte(( uint8_t *)EEPROM_STARTUP_TONE_LENGTH, tone_length);
eeprom_update_byte((uint8_t *)EEPROM_STARTUP_TONE_MODE, tone_mode);
eeprom_update_byte((uint8_t *)EEPROM_STARTUP_TONE_LENGTH, tone_length);
play(1000, 1500, 1500);
} else {
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