Commit 2e1c0b8b authored by David Griffith's avatar David Griffith

Change startup tone from 440 Hz to 1004 Hz.

In retrospect, the AVR plays 440 Hz at a rather low volume.  It's a bit
hard to hear and impossible to hear when shown off in a Youtube
demonstration.  Don Froulas changed it to 1004 Hz for better audibility
and as a reference to the telco digital milliwatt test signal frequency.
parent f9cb8a5b
......@@ -296,7 +296,7 @@ do { \
#define ERROR_LOW_TONE 880
#define ERROR_HIGH_TONE 1760
#define STARTUP_TONE 440 /* nothing held on startup */
#define STARTUP_TONE 1004 /* nothing held on startup */
#define DEFAULT_WAIT_TONE 1700 /* waiting for new default mode */
#define MODE_SELECT_TONE 1400 /* setting a mode to be forgotten */
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