Commit 4ca536f3 authored by ermouth's avatar ermouth

update readme, proxy couchbox cfg

parent 55caa6c0
......@@ -382,7 +382,7 @@ __nodes__ | {node1,node2} | List of nodes, JSON; nodenames as keys, URLs as valu
__max_parallel_changes__ | 16 | Maximum changes ticks processed simultaneously
__cold\_start__ | now | Defines if first run starts from current sequences or DB first seq ('normal')
__api__ | {active,ports,restart_delta,hostKey,fallback} | Configures REST API
__proxy__ | {active,port,path} | Proxy settings, JSON
__proxy__ | {active,port,path,default} | Proxy settings, JSON. Default is a mask `path` rewrites into.
__socket__ | {active,port,path} | config
__mail__ | {active,from,recepients} | Emergency notifications email
__redis\_ip__ | localhost | Redis domain or IP address
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