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......@@ -10,6 +10,10 @@ It's the time period when many Information Security / Cyber Security / Hacker Co
- - open to all, women focused - August 9-10
- - August 5-11
### Def Con helpline
- [#DEFCON27’s Support Hotline - Attendees can reach #DEFCON staff from 8am to 4am to anonymously report behavior violating our code of conduct or for an empathic ear - call or text +1 (725) 222-0934. Trained community volunteers will be standing by to help.](
### What is Birds of a Feather
We are trying to gather a list of as many resources, events and programs as possible occuring at summer camp and provide links to them to help you create the best time for you. We will try and tag the events with who the event or resource is aimed at, who is welcome, who is discouraged, so you can flock together with other birds like you.
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