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  • v1.0
    Release v1.0


    This tag marks the initial public release of Robin's Rescue, an example point and click adventure created using the SLUDGE engine.

    This game was created as a companion for this article on using the SLUDGE, which contains an introduction to SLUDGE's tools, its language, and covers some of the code patterns used in Robin's Rescue.



    Robin's Rescue demonstrates the following functionality:

    • Pause/main menu
    • Save/load functionality
    • Single verb interaction
    • Inventory
    • Custom sprite font
    • Animation ("costumes" as well as one-shot animations)
    • Double click fast travel
    • Managed scene transitions
    • Musing fading/transitioning
    • Puzzle gating via object state variables and inventory item requirements

    Known Issues

    • Viewing the How To Play screen after starting or loading a game will put the game into a state where the menu can not be exited (fixed in commit 4b402e35 ).


    screenshot_menu_small screenshot_portcullis_small screenshot_corridor_small screenshot_tack_room_small