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***CardBook*** - *a new Thunderbird address book based on the CardDAV and vCard standards*
### Features
* **Autocompletion** in mail address fields and Lightning calendar fields!
* Easy **CardDAV synchronisation**!
* Access to **all vCard data**!
* **Customizable** data fields!
* *And many more ...*
### Installation
You can get CardBook from the [official Thunderbird Add-On page](!
### Issues
If you encounter any problems with CardBook please have a look at our [GitHub issue tracker]( and [our forum](
If your problem is not listed there, you can do us a great favor by creating a new issue. But even if there is already an issue discussing the topic, you could help us by providing additional information in a comment.
When you are creating an issue, please give the following information:
* a detailed describtion of the problem
* the situation the problem occurs in and how other people will be able to recreate it
* your Thunderbird version (you can find this in the main menu at `Help -> About Thunderbird`)
* if possible: the **relevant** output of the error console (found at `Tools -> Developer Tools -> Error Console` / `Ctrl-Shift-J`)
### Roadmap
Planned features:
* Better integration with the standard Thunderbird address book
Community efforts:
* A project wiki (in GitHub)
### Contribution
You are welcomed to contribute to this project by:
* creating issues about problems,
* creating issues about possible improvements,
* helping people who have problems or questions,
* improving the documentation,
* working on the code,
* or simply spreading the word about this great add-on.
### Special thanks to
Main contributors:
* Philippe VIGNEAU (author and maintainer)
* Alexander BERGMANN
* R. Kent JAMES
* Timothe LITT
* Christoph MAIR
Translations by:
* Philippe VIGNEAU (fr)
* Lukáš TYRYCHTR (cs)
* Alexander BERGMANN (de)
* Markus MAUERER (de)
* Oliver SCHUPPE (de)
* Timothe LITT (en-US)
* ÓVÁRI (hu)
* Agnese MORETTINI (it)
* Han KNOLS (nl)
* André BAÇÃO (pt-PT)
* Alexander YAVORSKY (ru)
### License
To be added
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