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......@@ -32,12 +32,23 @@ Arch & based | `sudo pacman -S gcc`
### Plan A: Automatic
The script is still under development.
The script is still under development, currently working on Debian and Ubuntu, should work on Mint with a little modification on line 21, didn't have time to fix it myself, send PR pls im too lazy.
$ curl | bash
[Maybe its better to download the script somewhere and then execute it:](
$ wget
$ md5sum
$ chmod +x
$ ./ #Will install Lander in ${pwd}/lander
MD5 of the script = 01507fb4e4d3d65ed6c3ab4b2c1ca063 (checked in commit 620ca68c91039d1d4979a6f699b685ec9a1ad075)
### Plan B: Manual
After installing the [Dependencies](
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