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Initial commit for Genesis Thor 300 RGB (Sinowealth based) keyboard

Jan Baier requested to merge baierjan/OpenRGB:thor300 into master

Initial commit for Sinowealth based keyboard Thor 300 RGB from Genesis:

  • Updated DetectSinowealthKeyboard detector to recognize new PID
  • Implemented color/effect setting subset of the command protocol (reverse-engineered)
  • Added all color effects from the official application

Checklist for Accepting a Merge Request for a New Device

  • The New Device issue raised for this device is linked to this MR with a keyword Closes / Resolves / Implements
  • There is a device protocol page in the Developer Wiki or there is enough information / captures in the New Device issue to provide ongoing support.
  • The code to be merged follows the style guide and change requirements as documented in the contributing guide.
  • Meta data for the device is included in RGBController_* file
  • This device is detected and is working on Windows 10 and / or 11
  • This device is detected and is working on Linux (openSUSE Tumbleweed)
  • Logging for Info, Warnings and Errors has been added for troubleshooting purposes
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