Commit c26a604d authored by Adam Honse's avatar Adam Honse

Update reverse engineered Aura implementation to match latest X370 PRIME PRO BIOS configuration

parent 8bb3d9e8
......@@ -266,14 +266,14 @@ void AsusAura::Initialize()
WriteAuraRegister(0x71, 0x8021, 0x01);
WriteAuraRegister(0x71, 0x8025, 0xFF);
WriteAuraRegister(0x72, 0x8020, 0x01);
WriteAuraRegister(0x72, 0x8021, 0x01);
WriteAuraRegister(0x72, 0x8025, 0xFF);
WriteAuraRegister(0x73, 0x8020, 0x01);
WriteAuraRegister(0x73, 0x8021, 0x01);
WriteAuraRegister(0x73, 0x8025, 0xFF);
WriteAuraRegister(0x74, 0x8020, 0x01);
WriteAuraRegister(0x74, 0x8021, 0x01);
WriteAuraRegister(0x74, 0x8025, 0xFF);
piix4_smba = 0x0B20;
WriteAuraRegister(0x4E, 0x8020, 0x01);
WriteAuraRegister(0x4E, 0x8021, 0x01);
......@@ -321,12 +321,12 @@ bool AsusAura::SetLEDs(COLORREF pixels[64][256])
WriteAuraColors(0x71, aura_led_colors[1]);
WriteAuraRegister(0x71, 0x80A0, 0x01);
WriteAuraColors(0x72, aura_led_colors[2]);
WriteAuraRegister(0x72, 0x80A0, 0x01);
WriteAuraColors(0x73, aura_led_colors[0]);
WriteAuraColors(0x73, aura_led_colors[2]);
WriteAuraRegister(0x73, 0x80A0, 0x01);
WriteAuraColors(0x74, aura_led_colors[0]);
WriteAuraRegister(0x74, 0x80A0, 0x01);
piix4_smba = 0x0B20;
WriteAuraColors(0x4E, aura_led_colors[4]);
WriteAuraRegister(0x4E, 0x80A0, 0x01);
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