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......@@ -615,22 +615,27 @@ IN<br>(Preposition)|Searching for the pattern<br>-COMA + VERB<br>-COMA + PRONOUN
OTHER CASES|Searching for the pattern<br>-COMA + VERB<br>-COMA + PRONOUN<br> e.g. *“Given the result of the last facts, (we) reaffirm”*||
*only for getting phrasal verbs\**
*only for getting phrasal verbs\*\**
**A final pattern**
After having detected the main term (e.g. “alsoRequest”), the qualifier also search for a final pattern “With”+JJ+NN (e.g. with grave concern), in order to detect expand the term into “alsoRequestWithGraveConcern”.
**Resolution of Mistakes**
Interestingly, we also prepared the algorithm to prevent POS-tag mistakes.
Sometimes, for example, a paragraph starting with a verb is considered a noun. For example, if the first word is “requests”, the POS-tagger could interpret it as a NNS (plural noun). For this reason, we created a function that add a virtual subject before any NN and NNS found at the beginning of a paragraph. Because, they are very likely to be verbs. With this adjustment, the POS-tag correctly detect a verb instead of a noun.
**Dynamic Pattern Research**
In some case, a paragraph can start with informative components, that cannot describe the qualification of the paragraph.
For example, in the sentence “Given the recent facts, urges…” the part before the coma is automatically excluded by the qualifier. In this way, only “Urges” will be considered as an element for discriminating between the ‘preambolar’ or ‘operational’ categories, and for creating the right term “urge”.
**The ability of generalize and the need for some ad hoc pattern**
For some special case, some ad-hoc rules have been created. For example: “Bearing in mind”, “Keeping in mind”, “Pay tribute”. However, their occurrence is not frequent. Having chosen very general POS-tag patterns, the qualifier’s ability to generalize is relatively high.
We have detected two rare exceptions like the following:
1. Sentences starting with "re-", for example:
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