Commit 4e4b0e4c authored by Martin's avatar Martin

fix up some dupes

parent a40a52ca
//TODO - rewrite $finalInflectionArray so it's properly handled and I do not need to do explodes by ", " everywhere like a retard.
// 14:20 runtime on unused CPU
// $data = file_get_contents('fly.json');
......@@ -373,7 +375,9 @@ function processInflectionLine($line, $word, &$finalInflectionArray, $inflection
function addInflection($inflectedWord, $inflectionToAdd, &$finalInflectionArray) {
// Add tests if inflectionToAdd has a ',' or '.' or '"' or ';' or ')' or '(' #TODO
if ($inflectedWord == $inflectionToAdd) {
// If the array is fresh we can't loop over it, so just push it in.
if (count($finalInflectionArray) == 0) {
array_push($finalInflectionArray, $inflectedWord.", ".$inflectionToAdd);
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This diff is collapsed.
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