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Comment updates, and specify full path for bash

parent 6f9530b2
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ fi
# Check for sudo and install if not found in $path.
which sudo > /dev/null || apt-get -y install sudo
# Get sudo rights just in case
# Prompt for sudo rights
sudo -v
# Update the server
......@@ -39,13 +39,13 @@ useradd -m -s /bin/bash tf2server
passwd tf2server
# Get the framework script and install the server.
su - tf2server -c 'wget -N --no-check-certificate && chmod +x && bash tf2server'
su - tf2server -c 'wget -N --no-check-certificate && chmod +x && /bin/bash tf2server'
su - tf2server -c '/home/tf2server/tf2server auto-install'
su - tf2server -c "echo "defaultmap=\"$DEFAULTMAP\"" > /home/tf2server/lgsm/config-lgsm/tf2server/tf2server.cfg"
su - tf2server -c "echo "maxplayers=\"$PLAYERS\"" >> /home/tf2server/lgsm/config-lgsm/tf2server/tf2server.cfg"
su - tf2server -c "echo 'updateonstart="on"' >> /home/tf2server/lgsm/config-lgsm/tf2server/tf2server.cfg"
# Configure firewall
# Install iptables
sudo apt-get install -y iptables iptables-persistent
# Wipe the v4 rules
......@@ -136,5 +136,5 @@ su - tf2server -c '/home/tf2server/tf2server start'
echo "@reboot tf2server /home/tf2server/tf2server start" >> /etc/crontab
echo "0 0 * * * tf2server /home/tf2server/tf2server restart" >> /etc/crontab
# Set a restart of the server for midnight incase it is not done manually.
sudo shutdown -r -t 0:00
# Set a one time restart of the server for midnight.
sudo shutdown -r -t 0:00
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