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      _workspaces.py: Use file mtime for workspace cache keys instead of checksumming · 01a02a9a
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
      The rationale for this is basically:
        o A workspace is completely local
        o A cache key for a workspace is used to determine if the
          workspace has changed or not
        o Within reason, one should not expect buildstream to detect
          a change without a file's mtime having been modified
      On my machine, it takes about 1 minute to checksum 11GB of WebKit checkout,
      that is annoyingly a long time. With this change, it takes only 5 seconds.
      Not perfect, but it's a start.
      This is related to issues #294, #295 and #392
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      Refactoring of highlevel workspace code · 19e31adb
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
      Move all workspace related code out of Pipeline() and into the
      frontend App() object.
      Some changes in transition here include:
        o Workspaces() object methods for looking up and deleting workspaces
          now take an element name instead of an element.
        o Share code for partial App() initialization between the
          `workspace close` and `workspace list` commands
        o No longer require that an element exist in the project
          in order to close a workspace
      This fixes issue #249
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