1. 08 Jun, 2018 2 commits
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    • Chandan Singh's avatar
      _artifactcache/pushreceive.py: Add Click type for CLI argument 'repo' · 1d694b28
      Chandan Singh authored
      The CLI for `bst-artifact-receive` expects a `repo` argument, which is
      supposed to be a directory, but Click currently expects it to be just
      any string. This results in stack traces like the one below when the
      argument provided is not a directory:
              $ ~/.local/bin/bst-artifact-receive --pull-url http://foo foobaz
              Traceback (most recent call last):
                File "/root/.local/bin/bst-artifact-receive", line 8, in <module>
                File "/src/buildstream/buildstream/_artifactcache/pushreceive.py", line 581, in __init__
              GLib.Error: g-io-error-quark: /src/buildstream/43fref: opendir(/src/buildstream/foobaz): No such file or directory (1)
      Add types for this argument such that it throws better error messages
      when it receives bad arguments. With the Click types added, it will
      instead fail with messages like these:
              $ ~/.local/bin/bst-artifact-receive --pull-url http://foo foobaz
              Usage: bst-artifact-receive [OPTIONS] REPO
              Error: Invalid value for "repo": Directory "foobaz" does not exist.
              $ ~/.local/bin/bst-artifact-receive --pull-url http://foo setup.py
              Usage: bst-artifact-receive [OPTIONS] REPO
              Error: Invalid value for "repo": Directory "setup.py" is a file.
      Fixes #409.
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    • Gökçen Nurlu's avatar
      _sandboxbwrap.py: Fix post-bwrap cleanup behaviour · 75fe8037
      Gökçen Nurlu authored
      The cleanup was supposed not to remove folders (`/dev`, `/tmp`, `/proc`) if
      they already existed before bwrap but it did the opposite: it tried to remove
      them if they existed before, and didn't remove them if they were created during
      bwrap. This was caused by a `not` clause, and this removes it.
      Fixes #379
    • Gökçen Nurlu's avatar
      Add test to verify cleanup behaviour after bwrap · fe24fc3b
      Gökçen Nurlu authored
      This adds `sandbox-bwrap/test-cleanup.bst` to test the cleanup behaviour in
      `sandbox/_sandboxbwrap.py`: There already exists a non-empty `/tmp` folder and
      BuildStream should not try to remove it after a command is executed with bwrap.
    • Tristan Maat's avatar
    • Tristan Maat's avatar
      _context.py: Normalize user-defined paths · 065f5ac7
      Tristan Maat authored
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