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HACKING.rst: Added guidelines for adding examples

And some instructions about generating `bst` output for documentation
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......@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ using pip or some other mechanism::
pip3 install --user arpy
Furthermore, the documentation build requires that BuildStream itself
be installed.
be installed, as it will be used in the process of generating its docs.
To build the documentation, just run the following::
......@@ -267,6 +267,24 @@ This will give you a ``doc/build/html`` directory with the html docs which
you can view in your browser locally to test.
Regenerating session html
The documentation build will only build the session files if they
are not yet built, and we revision the session files to make it easier
for developers to try documentation changes.
To explicitly rebuild the session snapshot html files, it is recommended that you
first set the ``BST_SOURCE_CACHE`` environment variable to your source cache, this
will make the docs build reuse already downloaded sources::
export BST_SOURCE_CACHE=~/.cache/buildstream/sources
To force rebuild, simply run the following::
make -C doc clean
make -C doc
Man pages
Unfortunately it is quite difficult to integrate the man pages build
......@@ -314,6 +332,65 @@ format::
Documentation Examples
The examples section of the documentation contains a series of standalone
examples, here are the criteria for an example addition.
* The example has a ``${name}``
* The example has a project users can copy and use
* This project is added in the directory ``doc/examples/${name}``
* The example has a documentation component
* This is added at ``doc/source/examples/${name}.rst``
* A reference to ``examples/${name}`` is added to the toctree in ``doc/source/examples.rst``
* This documentation discusses the project elements declared in the project and may
provide some BuildStream command examples
* This documentation links out to the reference manual at every opportunity
* The example has a CI test component
* This is an integration test added at ``tests/examples/${name}``
* This test runs BuildStream in the ways described in the example
and assert that we get the results which we advertize to users in
the said examples.
Adding BuildStream command output
As a part of building the docs, BuildStream will run itself and extract
some html for the colorized output which is produced.
If you want to run BuildStream to produce some nice html for your
documentation, then you can do so by adding new ``.run`` files to the
``doc/sessions/`` directory.
Any files added as ``doc/sessions/${example}.run`` will result in generated
file at ``doc/source/sessions/${example}.html``, and these files can be
included in the reStructuredText documentation at any time with::
.. raw:: html
:file: sessions/${example}.html
The ``.run`` file format is just another YAML dictionary with a few options:
* ``directory``: The project directory to run commands on, relative to the ``.run`` file.
* ``height``: An optional string denoting that the height of the generated HTML should
be limited, possibly resulting in vertical scrolling.
* ``prepare-commands``: A list of command strings which should be run first
* ``command``: The command to capture the output of
When adding a new ``.run`` file, one should normally also commit a new
generated ``.html`` file at the same time, this ensures that other developers
do not need to regenerate them locally in order to build the docs.
Testing BuildStream
BuildStream uses pytest for regression tests and testing out
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