Commit e70dd1f8 authored by Benjamin Schubert's avatar Benjamin Schubert

gitlab-ci.yml: Add linux without brwap/ostree to ensure tests behave

This allows us to make sure that tests behave nicely while missing brwap
and ostree.
parent 57e6358f
......@@ -137,6 +137,24 @@ tests-unix:
- python3 test --index-url invalid://uri --addopts --integration
# Ensure that tests behave nicely while missing bwrap and ostree
image: buildstream/testsuite-fedora:28-master-119-552f5fc6
<<: *tests
# We remove the Bubblewrap and OSTree packages here so that we catch any
# codepaths that try to use them. Removing OSTree causes fuse-libs to
# disappear unless we mark it as user-installed.
- dnf mark install fuse-libs
- dnf erase -y bubblewrap ostree
- useradd -Um buildstream
- chown -R buildstream:buildstream .
- python3 test --index-url invalid://uri --addopts --integration
# Automatically build documentation for every commit, we want to know
# if building documentation fails even if we're not deploying it.
# Note: We still do not enforce a consistent installation of python3-sphinx,
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