Commit e570c681 authored by bst-marge-bot's avatar bst-marge-bot

Merge branch 'phil/fixup-templated-test-collection' into 'master'

Ensure templated source tests aren't collected unconditionally

Closes #995

See merge request !1297
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......@@ -90,9 +90,31 @@ def sourcetests_collection_hook(session):
session (pytest.Session): The current pytest session
def should_collect_tests(config):
args = config.args
rootdir = config.rootdir
# When no args are supplied, pytest defaults the arg list to
# just include the session's root_dir. We want to collect
# tests as part of the default collection
if args == [str(rootdir)]:
return True
# If specific tests are passed, don't collect
# everything. Pytest will handle this correctly without
# modification.
if len(args) > 1 or rootdir not in args:
return False
# If in doubt, collect them, this will be an easier bug to
# spot and is less likely to result in bug not being found.
return True
SOURCE_TESTS_PATH = os.path.dirname(_sourcetests.__file__)
# Add the location of the source tests to the session's
# python_files config. Without this, pytest may filter out these
# tests during collection.
session.config.addinivalue_line("python_files", os.path.join(SOURCE_TESTS_PATH, "*.py"))
# If test invocation has specified specic tests, don't
# automatically collect templated tests.
if should_collect_tests(session.config):
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