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......@@ -1742,32 +1742,16 @@ Profiling specific parts of BuildStream with BST_PROFILE
BuildStream can also turn on cProfile for specific parts of execution
BST_PROFILE can be set to a section name, or 'all' for all
sections. There is a list of topics in `buildstream/`. For
example, running::
BST_PROFILE can be set to a section name, or a list of section names separated
by ":". You can also use "all" for getting all profiles at the same time.
There is a list of topics in `buildstream/`. For example, running::
BST_PROFILE=load-pipeline bst build bootstrap-system-x86.bst
will produce a profile in the current directory for the time take to
call most of `initialized`, for each element. These profile files
are in the same cProfile format as those mentioned in the previous
section, and can be analysed with `pstats` or `pyflame`.
Profiling the artifact cache receiver
Since the artifact cache receiver is not normally run directly, it's
necessary to alter the ForceCommand part of sshd_config to enable
profiling. See the main documentation in `doc/source/artifacts.rst`
for general information on setting up the artifact cache. It's also
useful to change directory to a logging directory before starting
`bst-artifact-receive` with profiling on.
This is an example of a ForceCommand section of sshd_config used to
obtain profiles::
Match user artifacts
ForceCommand BST_PROFILE=artifact-receive cd /tmp && bst-artifact-receive --pull-url /home/artifacts/artifacts
section, and can be analysed in the same way.
Managing data files
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