Commit dd36cfbc authored by Benjamin Schubert's avatar Benjamin Schubert Only cache on element error or success

Reverse the way we were handling caching by only caching
when we know it's a problem with the build or the build is a
success in order not to cache transient errors.
parent 06e28860
Pipeline #37140381 passed with stages
in 28 minutes and 31 seconds
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ from . import _yaml
from ._variables import Variables
from ._versions import BST_CORE_ARTIFACT_VERSION
from ._exceptions import BstError, LoadError, LoadErrorReason, ImplError, \
ErrorDomain, SandboxError
from .utils import UtilError
from . import Plugin, Consistency, Scope
from . import SandboxFlags
......@@ -1554,9 +1554,6 @@ class Element(Plugin):
self.__dynamic_public = _yaml.node_copy(self.__public)
# Call the abstract plugin methods
collect = None
save_artifacts = True
# Step 1 - Configure
......@@ -1567,10 +1564,7 @@ class Element(Plugin):
# Step 4 - Assemble
collect = self.assemble(sandbox) # pylint: disable=assignment-from-no-return
self.__set_build_result(success=True, description="succeeded")
except BstError as e:
if isinstance(e, SandboxError):
save_artifacts = False
except ElementError as e:
# Shelling into a sandbox is useful to debug this error
e.sandbox = True
......@@ -1592,22 +1586,15 @@ class Element(Plugin):
self.warn("Failed to preserve workspace state for failed build sysroot: {}"
if isinstance(e, ElementError):
collect = e.collect # pylint: disable=no-member
self.__set_build_result(success=False, description=str(e), detail=e.detail)
self._cache_artifact(rootdir, sandbox, e.collect)
return self._cache_artifact(rootdir, sandbox, collect)
if save_artifacts:
artifact_size = self._cache_artifact(rootdir, sandbox, context, collect)
artifact_size = None
# Finally cleanup the build dir
return artifact_size
def _cache_artifact(self, rootdir, sandbox, collect):
if collect is not None:
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