Commit c90cf9e8 authored by Phil Dawson's avatar Phil Dawson

tox.ini: Add tox env as a wrapper for running individual templated tests

parent 1fe1420e
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......@@ -127,3 +127,23 @@ deps =
whitelist_externals = *
# Convenience environment for running individual tests from the
# battery of templated source tests.
# You should pass this the part of a test node's id after "::". For
# example, to run the test
# buildstream/plugintestutils/_sourcetests/[git-inline]
# you would do tox -e sourcetests -- test_fetch_cross_junction[git-inline]
# This does rely on the fact that none of the tests in
# buildstream.plugintestutils have the same name.
commands = pytest --basetemp {envtmpdir} --ignore tests -k "{posargs}"
deps =
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