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contributing: add guidance on unit tests

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......@@ -1547,6 +1547,24 @@ Tests that run a sandbox should be decorated with::
and use the integration cli helper.
You should first aim to write tests that exercise your changes from the cli.
This is so that the testing is end-to-end, and the changes are guaranteed to
work for the end-user. The cli is considered stable, and so tests written in
terms of it are unlikely to require updating as the internals of the software
change over time.
It may be impractical to sufficiently examine some changes this way. For
example, the number of cases to test and the running time of each test may be
too high. It may also be difficult to contrive circumstances to cover every
line of the change. If this is the case, next you can consider also writing
unit tests that work more directly on the changes.
It is important to write unit tests in such a way that they do not break due to
changes unrelated to what they are meant to test. For example, if the test
relies on a lot of BuildStream internals, a large refactoring will likely
require the test to be rewritten. Pure functions that only rely on the Python
Standard Library are excellent candidates for unit testing.
Measuring performance
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